Pioneering industrial Pay-Per-Use IOT-based As-a-Service Pay-Per-Hour Pay-Per-Part Pay-per-Unit usage-based
financing models.

Fully automated and easy to use smart financing solutions boost equipment manufacturer’s revenues and provide flexible repayment models for Operators.

You take care of your business – we take care of the rest!


Lets dive into the world of Pay-per-Use.

What is Pay-per-Use financing?

We are connecting industrial companies with the world of finance to fund industrial equipment based on IoT data. 


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Lets dive into the world of Pay-per-Use.

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Independent and global IoT-based platform

Profit from our features and the unique payment calculator and make our platform your advantage.

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Matching Engine

Our platform offers OEMs, Operators and Financiers structured Pay-per-Use Financing Solutions through an automated funding process of industrial projects.

Settlement engine

Benefit from automatic settlement of bills & payments.

Connect any equipment worldwide easily based on trustful IoT data infrastructure.

Pay-per-Use Calculator

OEMs: Create quick & easy Pay-per-Use financing offers for your customers on a global scale.

Financiers: Serve existing clients with our IoT-based finance offerings.

Make Pay-per-Use your competitive advantage!

What we stand & strive for

Why the world needs Findustrial?


We build financing solutions for a sustainable economy based on IoT data.

How we want to reach our goals?


We create the global data hub for Pay-per-Use financing ready to connect Industry & Finance.

Who drives the mission?

Günter Hehenfelder

CEO & Founder

Martin Gruber

CFO/COO & Founder

Steven Schierlinger

Cloud Infrastructure & IIOT

Victoria Racher

Marketing & Communications

Christina Gruber

Finance, Legal & HR

Thomas Kofler

Strategic Advisor Platform Development

Paul Mandl

Full-Stack Developer

Alexander Steiner

Consultant Pay-per-Use models

Matthias Ainz

Head of Finance Partnership & Solutions

Martin Hemetsberger

IIOT Engineer

Stefan Breitwieser

Head of Sales

Lara Pichler

Growth Hacking

Julian Stadlmann

Frontend Developer

Kilian Stallinger

Backend Developer

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