Meet Martin from the Findustrial Team!

Martin Hemetsberger joined Findustrial as our IIoT engineer in April 2021. He supports the team in the fields of IIOT infrastructure and Machine connectivity. Martin ensures that the machines are connected to the Findustrial platform in an orderly and secure manner and guarantees a trustworthy data flow.

But now let him tell for himself:

Who are you?

Hello I’m Martin. As a technology enthusiast, it was clear for me to visit the HTL in Vöcklabruck. In the department for industrial engineering with a focus on business informatics, I enjoyed a very broad education. Due to my preferences for control technology and electrical engineering combined with mechanical engineering, I started to work in special machine construction. Starting with machine cabling, electrical planning, software development and commissioning worldwide to technical project management, I can fall back on a wealth of experience of 15 years now. Thanks to my passion for IT, I have now been able to combine the two worlds in the IIoT.

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is that on the one hand I can learn something new every day and on the other hand the ongoing customer contact from various sectors.

Why do you think the Pay-per-Use market will develop in the upcoming months and years and thereby drive the use of the Findustrial platform?

Pay-per-use, in my opinion, is essential in a dynamic economy. By means of Pay-per-Use, the fear of investment is taken away, as the payback adjusts to the actual output.

This is exactly what we are able to do as we bring together operators, manufacturers, banks and investors and use IIoT connectivity of assets to calculate the rate.

What do you say about your team?

Valuable mutual interaction and a “think positive” mentality creates a pleasant working atmosphere in our great team.

What is your greatest strength?

Understanding complex systems and an enthusiasm for IT and special machine engineering.

What is your favourite quote that you would like to share with us at the end?

“To have what it takes is a gift, to put it into action is my skill.”

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