Meet Alex from the Findustrial Team!

Alexander Steiner joined our team in September 2020 after six years in the tax industry. Alex brings his experience and knowledge to Findustrial and helps the team wherever he can.

But now let him tell for himself:

Who are you?

Hi, I am Alexander, I started my education with the study of Business administration at the university of Linz (JKU). One of the major fields was the tax industry, therefore I started to work at the KPMG after my graduation. According to a change of residence I decided to work for EOS Partner in Ried im Innkreis. During the time at EOS I got a deep insight into the tax industry from different kinds of companies and learned a lot of skills in tax consulting. 

In 2017 I decided to expand my horizon, renew my soft skills in business and followed my passion in sports and events with a master study in sport, culture and event management at the FH Kufstein. 

After six years in the tax industry the time has come to make a change and I looked for a new challenge. Findustrial gives me the opportunity to share my experience with a young team in the start-up scene.

What’s the best thing about your job?

 It motivates me that every day is a new challenge at Findustrial to compete with others in the start-up scene and develop an aspiring product such as our platform. 

Why do you think the pay-per-use market will develop in the upcoming months and years and thereby drive the use of the Findustrial platform?

In general, the Pay-per-Use market can solve the liquidity problem for huge investments for companies. Furthermore due to my tax know-how Pay-per-Use can support them reduce the total assets in the balance sheet and additionally save taxes by revenues on a regular period. The Findustrial platform is a perfect way to connect all stakeholders of a Pay-per-Use financing process.

What do you say about your team?

Our team at Findustrial has both, a perfect mix of long-time experience where you can learn a lot of skills from each other and additionally some young and inspiring talents.

What is your greatest strength?

Due to my economic background my strength is in finance therefore I see me as a controller with a precise working method. 

What is your favourite quote that you would like to share with us at the end?

“The only way to do great work, is to love what you do” – Steve Jobs

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