Meet Vicky from the Findustrial Team!

Victoria Racher joined our team in March 2020 and has already secured her place in marketing, web and graphic design. Regardless of whether it is posts, articles, posters or just a presentation that needs a quick make-over, Vicky is there.

But now let her tell for herself:

Who are you?

My name is Victoria Racher, but I prefer my nickname Vicky. I completed my bachelor’s degree at the University of Innsbruck and then, by chance, or you can call it luck, ended up in the Findustrial Team.

What’s the best thing about your job?

For me, the best thing about my job is the flexible time and workplace management, which enables me to work when and where I want. In addition, it enables me to start a postgraduate master’s degree and continue my education.

Why do you think the pay-per-use market will develop in the upcoming months and years and thereby drive the use of the Findustrial platform?

I believe that the pay-per-use concept will gain popularity in the next few years, as offering products as a Service and the subscription models, as we can see from numerous examples, definitely have potential. Furthermore, I am convinced that the Findustrial platform can offer a good meeting point for everyone involved in the market, as producers, providers and financiers can exchange ideas there and can be matched to their needs.

What do you say about your team:

One Sentence. Four words: The team is great. What I think is really great about our team is that everyone gets on so well with each other and that you always have someone to talk to, whether about new projects or when I need help. We all pull in the same direction and support each other wherever possible and that is exactly what makes a good team.

What is your greatest strength?

One of my greatest strengths is that I can stay calm even in stressful situations. I’ve been told many times that in situations where others felt overwhelmed, I stayed calm and optimistic. I am happy that I seem so balanced to my friends and family. Even under strong pressure I keep the necessary calm and don’t let myself be dissuaded from my path.

What is your favorite quote that you would like to share with us at the end?

“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Walt Disney

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